Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro turns fight to EU, Daley and Preckwinkle duke over campaign donations

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro turns fight to EU

As Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro continues to fight for power, he has recently turned his attention to the EU after the call of an ultimatum for the legitimacy of his role as democratic president.

The United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain have banded together and demanded a new Presidential election by Sunday, or they would recognize Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela.

Juan Guaido, a member of the Voluntad Popular (VP) party, declared himself president on January 11th after citing article 233 of the Venezuelan Constitution. This article, which cited that the President of the National Assembly may step in as acting president if there is an unequal balance of power, was a last-ditch effort to have a humanitarian impact on the county in the light of political and economic problems.

Quickly gaining traction as well as support from high power countries, Guaido now has the support of the EU. Even the US is on his side, as on January 23rd, American president Donald Trump openly showed his support and claimed him as the rightful president.

Maduro is unphased as he has no plans to prove the legitimacy of his presidency to the EU, but based on an analysis of google trends, he does have reason to worry.


As the trend shows, most global interest is pointed towards Juan Guaido. Most of this interest is shown in countries with a fair amount of political power such as those in Western Europe and North America. These countries could possibly have a large influence in not only the foreign policies of Venezuela but in the presidency of Nicolas Maduro himself as more nations become concerned over the humanitarian conditions of the country.

Daley and Preckwinkle duke over campaign donations

As the mayoral election for Chicago comes winding down, and the elections being held on February 26th, stakes are high for candidates as they race to the finish.

Fundraising is a hot button topic as the list of donors and donation amounts become available, but the question remains if it is effective at this stage of the campaign trail.

Leading the candidates is Bill Daley, having over $5.9 million dollars donated to his campaign. The record set is $400,000 raised in one week, including hefty donations such as $25,000 from Miles White of Abbott Laboratories and $50,000 from Andrew Bluhm, founder of Delaware Street Capital.

Toni Preckwinkle is trailing behind with only $3.75 million raised, with main contributors such as SEIU Local 73 B-PAC and the SEIU Local 2015 State PAC. Each gave $50,000 towards Preckwinkle’s campaign, bringing her up to second in fundraising behind Bill Daley.

These figures, while updated Friday, may neglect to include donations of up to $1,000 which are only required to be reported quarterly. This means that there is still room to move for each candidate, but they are quickly running out of time as the opening polls soon loom ahead.

These amounts can have huge impacts on the polling numbers, and according to an analysis of Google trends, it may mean more than originally anticipated.

Recent searches for Bill Daley have consistently risen since late October, possibly correlating with the number of donations that his campaign has collected. As to be expected, searches for Toni Preckwinkle have risen as well, just not to the extent that Daley’s has when the two are compared. A possible correlation could be the donations received by the campaigns, but may also be because of an influx of advertising because of the newly increased funds.

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